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Taking the leap...again

It's Saturday afternoon in sunny Orlando, Florida. I'm in my living space where it's cool and dark, checking out Ebro in The Morning and COMPLEX's Open Late and Everyday Struggle. The hoopla behind Pusha T and Drake's beef is playing out. Initially, I was simply absorbing the information exchange between the various POV's. Now, I'm completely grateful for the media of which connected me to the debate of the summer. The speed of which content is being created and the buzz you can build simultaneously are the very reasons why I created Sheer Culture.

My thought process in creating the agency was...What can I do to help talented creatives take their careers more seriously?...How can I create the structure and discipline needed to catapult their value in the market? How can I work with magical, sensitive souls when their vision may be a little blurred?

I have no idea how to do so, but to do so...and I'm going all in. I left my secure "j.ust o.ver b.roke" situation, and have taken the leap. It's time for me to control and manage my own career and help form the successful careers of the new, young breed of cultural progressives. Blessed from the top to the bottom...stay tuned.

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